About us

Seaconex operates in the marine container industry. Our company is created by a team of professionals, state of the art technologies, a modern machine park, clean and hygienic repair desks in our plants, as well as high quality services and products.

Refrigerated containers are subjected to many overloads on their journey across the world, leaving permanent marks, damage or breakdowns.


Depending on the damage severity, the containers require detailed assessment and technical expertise. If the expert classifies the container for repair, the scope of repair work is precisely defined and depends on the degree of damage. Its overhaul needs to be done professionally, in line with all the rules, standards and due cleanliness. That's what we specialize in.


Seaconex Sp. z o.o. is associated with MKR Group Sp. z o.o. and was created to provide services managed by MKR Group Sp. z o.o, which is a company operating in the metal industry, focusing on repairs of marine and specialized containers used in road, rail and maritime transport.

MKR Group Sp. z o.o. in its 10 years tradition was initially a sole proprietorship, then in 2011 it was transformed into a private limited company. Its scope of activities covers domestic and European markets, including Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Besides of dealing with steel constructions and containers, the company carries out research and development activities in the field of industrial technologies supporting its own activities. 


In order to maintain high quality of offered products and services, MKR Group Sp. z o.o. has implemented and applied the quality management system ISO 9001:2015.


The company employs experienced management team, highly qualified welders and locksmiths, as well as skilled professionals and engineers. The mission of the company is to develop services and products to provide clients with full satisfaction in the course of long-term cooperation.


Seaconex Sp. z o.o. makes every effort to overhaul the containers smoothly, cleanly and reliably, always on time.


In the market
for more than10 years

Operating in
 4 countries

 120 specialists

 1 million containers


SEACONEX Sp. z o.o.


Plant location: Hutnicza Street 20F, 81-061 Gdynia

Tel: +48 58 667 00 27 


Headquarters: Szczecińska  Street 5L, 54-517 Wrocław

Tel: +48 71 33 33 808 


KRS: 0000629135, NIP: 8992794584, REGON: 364999875