As part of our services, we store and stock containers.


The storage takes place on a hardened surface of 12.000m2, divided into specific clients, type of container or other specific characteristics. We are able to store up to seven levels of containers, optimally utilizing our area while providing safe storage.


The movement of containers is monitored and recorded, which means we’re able to keep our clients informed about the state of the property they entrusted to us.


If you are interested in our services, don’t hesitate to contact us.


SEACONEX Sp. z o.o.


Plant location: Hutnicza Street 20F, 81-061 Gdynia

Tel: +48 58 667 00 27 


Headquarters: Szczecińska  Street 5L, 54-517 Wrocław

Tel: +48 71 33 33 808 


KRS: 0000629135, NIP: 8992794584, REGON: 364999875