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Container overhaul is a complex and multi-staged process. Prior to repairing a particular container, we assess the damage and prepare a professional estimate.


Our operation is based on international UCIRC and IICL standards, as well as specific customer criteria. We have many years of experience in professional repair of all types of containers – quickly and at an optimum price/quality ratio.


We have a professional machine park and unique repair technology, which makes us the leader in this field. We’re able to restore full thermal and durable performance of the refrigerated container.

The entire overhaul process is documented in photos, so that our clients can check it at any time to confirm the correctness of the repairs.


After overhaul, the containers are washed at specially designated stations. When cleaning containers, we maintain the highest hygienic standards and use only specialized cleaning and disinfectants. Processing refrigerated containers is completed by PTI testing.


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